About Beaver Dam Chiropractic Clinic

Meet the staff at Beaver Dam Chiropractic Clinic.


Nikki came to our clinic as a chiropractic technician and specializes in taking x-rays and applying state of the are modalities and rehabilitation therapies. She loves to get to know each and every patient on a personal level to help them achieve their highest level of physical performance.


Tonya is an experienced insurance billing specialist. Insurance is often quite confusing, but rest easy, Tonya is ready and willing to assist you in with all of your questions. She is also certified in taking x-rays and performing therapies that are complementary to chiropractic care. 


Vicki has been with our clinic for 25 years. She is a master at answering any questions you may have regarding insurance. She loves to assist all of our patients in filling out any paper work necessary to receive the finest care possible. You will not find a more helpful pleasant person anywhere. Her experience combined with her compassion make her simply the best.


Chris serves at our clinic as a chiropractic technician that has been certified to perform adjunctive therapies.  Her smile and enthusiasm will surely brighten your day.  She loves getting to know each patient and makes it her goal to make everyone at our clinic feel welcomed.


Jessica is highly trained and has been certified in performing various types of rehabilitative therapy.  She previously studied at Fox Valley Technical college.  She has a passion for serving all types of people from young children to elderly. Jessica possesses a unique ability to relate to  patients and she takes a genuine interest in their lives.



Dr. Josh ​attended Anderson University before transferring to Parker University where he earned both his Bachelors Degree in Health and Human Wellness and his Doctorite of Chiropractic.  He is passionate about serving the community and excited to be back in the Beaver Dam community with his wife Alyssa.

    Dr. Jake graduated from Taylor University in 2007 he attended National College of Health Sciences where he was a National Merit Scholar and an Anatomy Fellow. He brings the state of the art techniques and warm personality. He has really enjoyed getting to know all of his patients and he and his wife Deb have enjoyed raising their family in Beaver Dam.