What Our Patients Say ...

I had back surgery 15 years ago and occasionally I experience low back pain. My chiropractic adjustments from the doctors at BDCC have helped me maintain a healthy back.

-- Butch

I get severe migraines that I have had since a young age and the clinic has always been able to help me get rid of the pain and can always get me in to see the doctor.

-- Laura M

I have been a patient of Dr. Bill's since he opened over 30 years ago. Twenty years ago I went to a specialist who told me I would be in a wheelchair. Dr. bill has had to carry me in from the car on a few occasions, but he has helped me maintain a good standard of living for all these years and I am NOT in a wheelchair. The staff is always kind and welcoming.

-- John H

BDCC has provided outstanding and professional care for years to myself and family. From the moment you drive up and hear the uplifting music, to the amazing adjustments and deep tissue massage by either Dr. Bill or Dr. Jake Lentscher, to the warm and caring staff assisting with muscle stimulation, aqua massage, and helpful excercises, BDCC is the total healthy experience. Through the years I've had lower back issues, my wife was in a car accident, and my son was injured at work BDCC has been there to bring us all back 100%. Thanks to all at BDCC.

-- Kevin

I have neck and low back issues and my chiropractic adjustments are very effective in relieving my pain and getting me back to good health. There's no one better than Dr. Bill

-- Mick S

I came to Beaver Dam Chiropractic Clinic as a young farmer without health insurance. I was suffering from severe low back pain with shooting pain down my leg. Already having tried other clinics, I went in very frustrated and skeptical. However, after my first visit I was blown away by the kind of care I could receive as a cash patient. The doctor started me on a treatment plan and gradually my pain lessened and lessened. I am now pain free.

-- Rebecca H

Dr. Josh is the best! He has been helping my lower back and neck and he is phenomenal! And so kind!! Knows your name and takes the time to get to know you. Love that!!!

-- Stephanie M.

I brought my stepdaughter in to see Dr. Jake Lentscher. He gave her a comprehensive assessment and thoroughly discussed the issues that were creating her pain. He's professional, easy going and very quickly put a teenager at ease about chiropractic care. The aqua massage and muscle stimulation greatly helped her comfort level. He also gave her exercises to strengthen her muscles. I've been to quite a few chiropractors through the years and Dr. Jake and his team create the best patient experience I have seen! Thanks to you all!!

-- Beth W

I have been having sciatica pain for over 30 years and have been treated by Dr. Bill Lentscher successfully many times. When I developed severe shoulder pain recently, I was told Dr. Jake would be able to help me. He did relieve my pain and now I can sleep most nights comfortably. This is a great clinic to get some personal pain relief and very kind too.

-- Janine J